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I am Y. Deneice Berry, and I am running for State Representative of the 5th District.

Growing up in a single family household, I witnessed the devastating effects from a lack of quality education, access to healthcare, and judiciary inequality had on my community.  I saw first-hand the struggles and sacrifices my mother made to ensure a good quality life for our family.  It was those life experiences that sparked my desire to serve and advocate for those in need. It was those strong family values that have shaped me into the woman I am today.

My husband, Kevin L. Berry of 17 years and I both came from larger cities to the 5th District not only seeking a higher standard of life, but also to see what we both can give back to the community we now call home.  Although, I have lived in Bear, Delaware for the past 12 years, I realized the need for criminal justice reform, equitable education, and accessible and quality health care is not just a big city problem, rather they are issues that also need to be prioritized and addressed in Delaware's 5th District.

During my time in Delaware, I became a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in family court.  I spent years advocating for the well-being of children who had no voice by listening, assessing their needs, and representing their best interest fairly in family court.  I also served as the Chair of the 5th Representative District where I worked closely with the party to promote positive change in the community.  I will continue to do the same for you in Dover as your state representative.  

As a first generation graduate of Wilmington University’s Innovation and Leadership in Higher Education Doctoral program, I became knowledgeable in public policy and acquired the skills needed to address the education concerns within the community.  My career at Delaware Technical Community College aligns with my core values for non-traditional, first generation, and veteran students to be given equal access and second chances for a quality education.   

I am also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, an organization that is committed to community service and supports the residents of New Castle County. My extensive community service work has allowed me to cultivate and promote community service issues.   

Combined with my career, education, community outreach, and activism will help move the 5th District forward with a new vision, new voice, and new leadership. Together we can make a difference.

8 months ago
Bowling for Change Fundraiser

Can I count on my Facebook family and friends to support my fundraiser as I run for DE State Rep, District 5? Purchase tickets using the Eventbrite link below. Looking forward to enjoying an ... See more

Enjoy an evening of family fun with Y. Deneice Berry for State Representative, District 5

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